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Chopin Etude Op.10-3 / 別れの曲

Moon River / ムーンリバー

O Christmas Tree / O TANNENBAUM / モミの木

My Way / Frank Sinatra マイ・ウェイ / フランク・シナトラ

Wings to Fly

Last Saturday a music festival was held in my daighter’s elementary school.
Some music and songs were played by all students.
In each age group, students played a piece of music after many practices.
As for my daughter, her class played a piece called “Small Fox. ”

There are melodicas(called by pianica in Japan), drums, xylophones, an organ and a piano.
My daughter became a candidate to play the organ.
Can you hear all the instruments?

I enjoyed the festival because I could listen to my favorite song “Wings to Fly. ”
I remembered my childhood when I listened to that beautiful song.


If my hope will come true, I want to have wings.
Please put white wings on my back like birds.
I want to fly through vast sky.
I wan to go to a free sky without crying while I spread my wings.

Piano Recital

Today it was my daughter’s first piano recital.
She began to take a lesson a year ago and has been taking a lesson per week.

She played two songs, which were the Micky Mouse March and the song of clock, on the piano.
Besides, she played the album of a memory with her mother.
That was piano duet.

Last night and this morning she practiced hard, but she couldn’t play well.
She cried a lot, so her mother told her, “You don’t need to play a piano, if you cry. ”
I didn’t say anything and I just believed her passion.
She started to practice playing tje piano again even though she failed to play it.

Then my mother came to see her and my two daughters became cheerful.
Before the performance, she seemed to feel a little nervous.
However, my daughter could do the best performance that she’d ever had. .
After the playing, she smiled and seemed to feel sure of herself.

The most important thing is not playing the piano but doing best for something.



Actually, my hobby is playing the piano, though I’m not good at all.
I have practiced playing the piano since about five years ago.
Over a period of time I took a break from playing the piano, but I thought that I wanted to play the piano again.

I’m not good at learning something from a teacher and I don’t like piano textbooks.
So my piano skill is my own making.
That is why I’m not good at playing the piano.

However, playing the piano is very fun for me because my own sound eases the stress.
I play famous classical music like Chopin with the musical scores for beginners and the songs of Japanese rock bands in random order.
I emphasis healing rather than skill improving.

On the other hand my eldest daughter has been taking a piano lessons since a year ago.
She is practicing Mickey Mouse March and other popular children’s songs.
I can still play the piano better than her, but she will be much better than me soon.
Children continue improving their skill.

By the way my wife can play the piano very well because she has played the piano since her childhood.
However, she can’t teach my daughter or me in a relaxed way because of her skill.
Can you understand this situation?